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Vilnius Shuttle

On 26 October, 2009 the first intermodal train Vilnius Shuttle was released. The project was iniciated by Lithuanian Railways and INTERMODAL CONTAINER SERVICE companies. Container train Vilnius Shuttle provides services for local market and was recognized as the best project of the year 2009 by Logistics Companies Association. It signifies savings of labor costs and protection of the environment. An average truck transporting one TEU for 100 km burns about 30 liters of diesel fuel, in the meantime new and modern Siemens Eurorunner locomotive burns only 3.2 liters.

Due to Vilnius Shuttle, containers from Klaipeda port safely reach Vilnius railway station five times per week. Afterwards, truck door to door services are provided.

  • Train runs strictly according to a schedule.
  • Easy to plan delivery and loading of the container.
  • Easy to organize warehouse management.
  • Possibility to provide large amounts of cargo for loading or split delivery within few days.


Every work day railway platforms with containers leave container terminals. In Draugyste railway station one train unit is formed and runs for Vilnius. Transit time for Klaipeda – Vilnius is 9 hours. From Vilnius train departs every work day.


Operator of container train Vilnius Shuttle

Kirtimų str. 47, LT-02244, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 5 2602149
Fax: +370 5 2602585E-mail: [email protected]