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Semi-trailer transportation

Kaunas – Duisburg – Kaunas

An efficient, competative and environmentally friendly service that ensure safe transportation of goods

Kaunas – Duisburg – Kaunas route is served exclusively by LTG Cargo Group companies – in Lithuania it is operated by the LTG Cargo team, in the territory of Poland and Germany – by LTG Cargo Polska.

A train departing from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) 4 times a week can transport 36 semi-trailers or containers in one train. The length of the route is 1520 km.

With this service you:

  • will significantly reduce the mileage of your trucks and trailers;
  • save on maintenance costs;
  • optimize driver service needs;
  • transport goods in an environmentally friendly way and contribute to the implementation of the EU Green Deal.

We started transporting semi-trailer in July 2021


In response to customer/partner demand for a calculation of the CO2 emissions savings of intermodal rail freight, the LTG Cargo team has developed a Green Kilometres Calculator.

Important information – requirements for semi-trailers.

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